Modern Housing: Interior & Exterior Designs That You’ll Love

Modern Housing: Interior & Exterior Designs That You’ll Love

If you looking for some inspiration and How-to’s how to make your place more modern, you’re in the right place! You can refresh your home with modern style, using contemporary interior styling. The sleek lines and smooth textures of this home design form an inviting and attention-grabbing home. It’s wrong to think of this home styling as uncomfortable and impractical. The new contemporary home design is clean and smooth, however habitable. Modern interiors will give you a contemporary feeling regardless of what kind of home you have.

How to Contemporary Interior Design

Modern Furniture

Furniture for creating a contemporary home is elegant and straightforward lines. Textures of simply finished wood, wrought steel, or other clean finishes are suitable for the contemporary interior. Traditional or old-fashioned pieces of furniture you can also place in modern interiors.  You can combine styles of furniture if you keep the style within the same tone and type of material of all furniture pieces, like brushed steel.

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Window Treatments

Window treatments are usually clean and without any extra decorations. Wooden or bamboo blinds are popular, as are easy shades in a lightly textured material. You can use materials as slubbed silk, linen or wool gives a contrast to the shiny surfaces that are really common in contemporary interior style. But don’t use too much of these contrasting patterns or you’ll risk that you spoiling the contemporary look. Intricate patterns aren’t suitable, as they give your home a cluttered look. 

Colors Of Modern Home

If we speak about contemporary colors, our interest is generally brought to a neutral color palette. Bold tones are often used in accessories and decors like rugs, lamps or artwork. Sculptures and paintings ought to be chosen in designs that fit together with the rest of the themes used in your interior or exterior. Abstract pieces or expressionistic artwork usually go well with contemporary rooms. Listen to the colours in your room, so as they don’t clash or interfere with other patterns of your room. Home decor and other accessories ought to usually be clean and without frills or excessive decoration. Organic and natural patterns give wonderful contrast to sharp edges.

Contemporary Lighting

The way how you light your room will play a big part in how it is recognized. You can use spotlights, standalone lamps, table lamps or recessed lighting that are really trendy these days. You should avoid lighting such as old fashioned ceiling light etc. While you find the right types of lighting for your room, try to look for contemporary stylings and simple, smooth finishes. Accent lamps should be bright while using some colors, however, one or two colours is typically sufficient. Also, you can use a wooden or steel lamp in a simple design with plain colours.

How to Contemporary Garden Design

How is the contemporary interior design style translated into the garden? Modern garden design is represented as eclectic and combined of random items that complete itself in oddly way. Modern contemporary garden inspirations in our gallery can help you with giving contemporary style to your garden area.

Modern Housing: Interior & Exterior Designs That You'll Love from interior-design, garden category

How to understand contemporary garden?

Contemporary garden design depends upon straightforward, clean lines (just like contemporary interior design) and lets you express your personality in the garden. And this works really well for gardens. However what is a contemporary garden exactly? Modern garden ought to have a relaxed and comfy feel. Garden like this gives you living space that reflects you and creates a pleasant place with contemporary look where you will love spending time.

When you want to create contemporary garden, you should use elegant but unique items. It gives the chance to bring personality to your outdoor area while also keeping the feel of the present day.  The idea of modern garden allows you clean lines as well as decorations that have personal meaning for you. Garden design style like this you can use mostly (but not only) in patios, decks or paths.

Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

If we talk about modern garden, we have to also include the elegant type of outdoor furniture and other decoration stuff with clean lines. You should choose furniture that is straight with neutral tones but has gently rounded borders. The lighting is also great with creating contemporary garden because it sets the overall tone and feel of the garden.

Add Some Plants

In modern landscaping, you should use plants that don’t require lots of care and have a simple look. If we talk about garden beds, you should use straight and slightly softened edges to create the modern feel.

The main purpose is to create a garden that is functional and looks stylish at the same time. It should be also simple enough for you to keep the patio clean and easy for plant care.


Contemporary home style is easily added to an interior or exterior while not breaking the bank. You can find home furnishings suitable for modern homes at sales or fix up well-preserved second-hand pieces. To achieve a contemporary home, you don’t need many furnishings, too. In modern interior design, less is more. With only a little bit of self-designing and effort, any home will be changed to the desired contemporary home.

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Modern Housing: Interior & Exterior Designs That You'll Love from interior-design, garden category
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