The storage solution is often an issue regardless of how big or small is your living space. What is the best way how to find the most usable shelving for your place? Just read and answer the following questions!


Design or storage only shelving?

Shelving units meant to help beautify your place will have different structures, hardware and will be made from different materials than shelving that is only for storage. There are a few people who have plastic and metal shelves in the kitchen but the rest will have them in the garage where they’re holding tools and other stuff. For the living room, you may use wood floating shelves that will hold your decorations with style, but there is no reason to have these stylish pieces in the basement.

How much weight can they hold?

Most of the shelves are suited for multiple purposes but knowing what you will store there will still help you with finding the best shelf for your place. There is definitely a difference between storing little spice jars and storing your collection of books. So always looking for information on how much weight the shelf can hold.

Standing on the floor or wall-mounted?

Imagine that you have a really large collection of books that you could open a smaller library… so many books will be really heavy. In the case like this, it’s appropriate to check if the floors can hold load like this. A similar problem you can have if you planning to buy, for example, a big fish tank.

When you want to hang your shelf on the wall, you should check if the shelf brackets or bolts fit into studs securely. Just be sure that your shelf is firmly hanged. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask professionals to help you.

Are they suitable and practical?

Maybe you are looking for a shelf that is only for decorating purposes. It’s totally OK, but some people looking for practical shelving that also looking great and fit in the overall room style.  According to your space, you can have a stylish floating shelf from wall to wall that because of its longness give you enough space where you can store your travel souvenirs.

Choosing the right shelf can be hard but with these 4 tips, you should be able to choose the shelf that will serve you well!


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