Modern Farmhouse: Kitchen Design Ideas & Inspiration

Modern Farmhouse: Kitchen Design Ideas & Inspiration

The kitchen is the place where we have a tendency to spend most of our time. We eat there, cook a meal, and spend a lot of time with our family and friends more than in any other room. So it’s obvious that we want this room to look simply perfect. I adore the design of a modern farmhouse kitchen. It’s bright and welcoming to my family and visitors at the same time.

A modern farmhouse kitchen is a combination of clean lines and design of contemporary and farmhouse stylish design. It’s possible that some older farmhouse interior designs can look crowded and messy. It’s important to stick to the rules of this interior design. When creating a farmhouse kitchen you should use large elements of classic farmhouse style and stay minimal in the smaller details.

In order to create a modern farmhouse look of your kitchen, it’s appropriate to think like a minimalist in some ways. What I want to say is to use large furnishings for storage however use less of home decorations.

If you can’t decide if using kitchen cabinets will be more “farmhouse” than open shelving I have an advice for you. If you like open shelves, use them. If you love kitchen cabinets, you can use them too!

In farmhouse kitchens are very popular wood countertops, but the countertops made of soapstone or Corian countertops are popular too. It’s up to you what do you prefer. Soapstone is very durable. On the other hand, white Corian countertops look very clean and simple. If you have enough space in your kitchen you can use the kitchen island that completes your modern farmhouse kitchen and it’s very practical too.

Now you should have the idea of ​​how to design farmhouse kitchen on your own, but you can still let be inspired by the interiors in our gallery of the best modern kitchen designs!

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