35+ Beautiful Lighting In Scandinavian Rooms (Including Floor Lamps)

35+ Beautiful Lighting In Scandinavian Rooms (Including Floor Lamps)

The Scandinavian interior design is certainly one of the most popular styles that you can see in today’s homes. You can see the impact of the Scandinavian style literally all over the world and most of that impact you can see in style of interior lighting!

The people of Scandinavian countries spend a lot of time inside their homes and with only 7 daylight hours in the winter, the interior lighting is very important. In the first step, they are trying the best to let the natural light into the room and as a second step, the natural light is complemented by lighting fixtures.

As I said, the lighting is very important for Scandinavian people but also the style of the lighting must not fall behind. The style of Scandinavian lighting fixtures is mostly simple and follows the same design rules as the other home furnishings. Clean lines, neutral white or elegant black color are used in the name of simplicity. So something like crystal chandeliers don’t belong to the Scandinavian interior.

Jump into our gallery below and make an image of how the design of Scandinavian lighting looks like and how to place it and combine it with the rest of the room!

Scandinavian Lighting Idea #1

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