32 Photos Of Area Rugs In Interior That Make You Get One

32 Photos Of Area Rugs In Interior That Make You Get One

There are many great reasons why it’s a perfect idea to have an area rug in a bedroom, kitchen or living roomArea rugs give you comfort, warmth and it is also a great decorative item. They can be used as a piece of art on the floor and they can, for example, divide the space of your seating area from the rest of the room.

The main advantage of the area rug above the carpet is that it’s easier to clean and if you get bored by the look of your area rug, It’s easier to change it for a new one. While you’re choosing an area rug, you have literally a ton of option which to choose so you shouldn’t forget about 3 basic rules when choosing area rug – choose the right size, choose a color or pattern that matches your room decor and look for the ones that are easy to maintain.

Area Rugs in the Living Room

Area rugs have a big impact on the decoration of the room and that is great because you can change the overall look of the room only with choosing the right rug. Especially it’s practical in the living room because you can add some neutral color or soften sharp edges!

Area Rugs in the Kitchen

One can say that putting an area rug to the kitchen isn’t great idea because you can easily soil or damage the rug and that is true but by adding the area rug to the kitchen you can keep warm your foot while spending a lot of time in the kitchen plus It’s a great way to add some decor to the kitchen.

Area Rugs in the Bedroom

There isn’t a better room where you could benefit from area rugs more! Area rugs in a bedroom help you stabilize the temperature of the room, absorb more sound and it’s simply amazing to put your feet on a smooth rug when you get up! Even if your bedroom is carpeted, don’t be afraid to layer the area rug on top of it!

Area Rugs in the Entryway

There is always a struggle with decorating an entryway or entrance. But the well-picked area rug can help with it a lot! Just keep on your mind that you have to pick the area rug that will match the overall decor of the entryway and the practicality of the rug.

Continue in our gallery where you can soak up the inspiration of placement and style of area rug for each room separately!

Area Rug Inspiration – Living Room #1

32 Photos Of Area Rugs In Interior That Make You Get One from home-decor category
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