What Is Timber Flooring and Its Use

What Is Timber Flooring and Its Use

The decision on choosing the flooring of the house is one of the most basic yet a difficult task. You might need to do a lot of research to make one right decision. According to most of the architects, one material that is highly recommended is timber flooring. This flooring comes in a huge range. Each has its unique blend of colour and characteristics because there is some natural variation even within the same species of trees. These floorings are suitable for houses prone to damages like beach houses, family homes, hallways, shopping centres etc.

What Is Timber Flooring and Its Use from interior-design category

What are timber floors
They consist of 3 layers of hardwood that is covered with a protective layer. The three layers of these flooring are known as finishing layers, face layer, core and backing layer

  1. Finishing layer:  the finishing layer is made of 7 layers of UV-cured water liquor and qualified oil. This protects the floor from wear and tear and gives an authentic look.
  2. Face layer:  it is a solid wood layer of 3 mm thick mostly.
  3. Core:  it helps in making the floor stable and durable.
  4. Backing layer:  it protects the floor from cupping and warping.

Trees used in making timber
Different woods are used in making hardwood and softwood timber. Hardwood is costlier and durable. Some of the most important species of trees used in hardwood timber are Mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, birch, maple, Australian beach, Blackbutt, Cypress pine, Rose gum, Ironbark, Jarrah, Kari, Messmate, Ribbon gum, Blue gum, turpentine. All these woods have distinct patterns, shades and designs.

How to select timber
Here are some important factors you should keep in mind while choosing this flooring:

  1. Choose the type of finish you want in your planks
  2. Choose prefinished plank
  3. Pick site finished plank
  4. Select solid hardwood
  5. Select engineer finished wood
  6. Select your grain pattern
  7. Determine the width of your plank
  8. Find out the durability and sustainability of timber
  9. Select the grade and colour.

What Is Timber Flooring and Its Use from interior-design category

How to maintain timber
It is not a straightforward task to take care of the timber flooring because it will lose its sparkle and scratched if not taken care of properly. Sun, heat, dirt dust and pollution are its enemies. But it can be sanded, recoated and disced and it will hardly cost you anything and your floor will turn new again. Here are some basic points to keep in mind in a daily routine that will increase the life of your timber flooring.

  • Sweep or vacuum your floor
  • Use electrostatic broom if not a vacuum cleaner.
  • Avoid wet mobs
  • Do not use home cleaners
  • Use curtains and windows to avoid fading and decolouring of the floor
  • Remove the shoes outside
  • Don’t drag furniture
  • Use protective pads beneath furniture legs

The cost of timber
The cost of timber flooring will depend on the features, colour, thickness and scarcity of the wood. it will vary for the most part from high to low.

The sum-up
Solid timber is one of the hardy floor types available today. The best thing about wood flooring is if it becomes old and dull after its long use, it can again be coated and a brand-new look can be retained at a very less price. This flooring provides a lifetime satisfaction and warm, lean and attractive look. You will love the range of wood flooring available in the market. Whenever you choose to create your new home or attempt to renovate the previous house provide first preference to timber flooring because it will give you a beautiful finish, safety, security and timeless effect and a comfortable home.


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