Save yourself time and troubles with choosing a sofa or couch and read the following tips that help with getting the clear idea of buying the right living room sofa for you and your family!


The Size Matters

No matter how big your living room is, you have to decide how much of the space you want to fill with your new couch or sofa. Do you wish to place other sofas or chairs? Will be there a place for a coffee table if you buy a bigger couch? These are the questions that you should answer before starting picking the right seating. If you’re trying to find a couch that should be the main spot of your living room try to hunt for rounder shapes that take up more space but give you a lot of seating.

If your living room is small, you definitely need a smaller couch. Any sofa in a smaller living room will grab everybody’s attention straight away. So you need to choose a sofa that is practical but is also stylish!

Orientation Of The Sofa

If you think about how to place your sofa you should consider not only the room proportions and window orientation but also your lifestyle. If you are the type that loves to rest in front of the TV you should point your sofa to the area where will be placed your TV. But if you are the person who loves to invite a lot of guests to your home you should orient the sofa (I bet that semi-circle will be best for you.) around the central table.

Are you the type of family that loves to relax together with a book? You should try to create multiple seating areas using the couch and a couple of chairs.

The Shape Of Your Future Sofa

Now you have the idea of your sofas function so now it’s the time for determining the shape that will suit you.

If you have a big open living room in combination with the kitchen you can use L-shaped couches. They are a great choice if you want to divide the kitchen area and the living room area.

If your living room is smaller but you want to serve as a gathering area you should choose the rounder shapes of sofa, of course with considering its size.

Choose Upholstery Material

The style of your sofa or couch is very important but the functionality is the key to its success… And I think you will believe us if we say that the upholstery material is closely related to the sofa’s functionality.

White Suede – Really stylish material, but as we adore this material, we are scared of using it so we won’t get the sofa dirty. Definitely not suitable if you have children or pets.

Leather – Mostly, you will find the leather sofas in darker colors – black, brown. But of course, there are white/creme leather sofas too. Leather doesn’t get old. It’s easy to clean, but also easy to scratch. It also depends on you if you like it and feel comfy on leather couches.

Fabric – The most common material with a wide range of colors to choose from. It mostly depends on your preferences. It’s also suitable for outdoor since the companies started to manufactured sofas that are made of fabrics that resist sun or rain. Of course, you can use them inside and so have a durable sofa.

Style Of Your Sofa

The sofa should correspond to your overall interior style. Now, you might think that this will be the most difficult work, but I can calm you down. If you have the interior that reflects your personal style, simply choose the style that you love the most and is most visible in your home. Simple. Simply enjoy the choosing of the sofa style.

Choose The Right Sofa Color

Neutral color? Bright? Or even printed? Don’t be afraid of picking a couch with a unique colorful print. It will add an amazingly personal touch to your living room. And If after some time you will want to change the pattern, you can inexpensively change the pattern with the help of some re-upholstering companies.

But if you are too conservative for “crazy” patterns, of course, you can choose some neutral colors.

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