Wall Decor Inspiration: Best Ideas How To Living Room Wall Decor

Wall Decor Inspiration: Best Ideas How To Living Room Wall Decor

A big part of home decorating is deciding how to decor your walls. There are lots of home decor you can hang on your walls:  pictures, posters, paintings, mirrors, shelves, tapestry.. (for more ideas see gallery below) .. All of that help you bring out the decorative balance in your space. Whatever you choose to place upon your walls should match your interior style. Choose your wall decor precisely and hang it thoughtfully.

The first concept you can use is to give texture on the wall surface. You might see this technique a little bit bizarre but gluing/hanging straw or paper bags to your wall can be awesome low-budget wall decor! But you can find other ways that are not so raised from the wall surface.

A more traditional way how to include texture can be using textured wallpaper. These wallpapers are available in various designs like raised patterns or bamboo or linen weave printed on the wallpaper. In some cases, it definitely beats straw or hay as a raised pattern.

Another awesome way how to add texture to a wall is to put an art quilt on your wall, for example, If you have created a quilt by yourself or if you have an ancestral old quilt. This can be a perfect way how to add texture to your wall while showing off your or ancestor’s talent.  A decoration like this is awesome because it is used as a classic home decor while it’s adding a special feeling to your room.

Some clever tips before you start decorating your wall:

Location of wall decor

When deciding about the height at which you would like to hang your decor, prefer a height where the photos, paintings, shelves, etc. are at the eye level for simple viewing. For example, If you put the wall art too low or too high the picture can be distorted and will not be appreciated.

Enhancing your wall art

The right frame will play a crucial role in bringing out your wall art. A picture frame can be simply changed by painting its molding. If you have photos you can simply buy a new picture frame. Also, think about the paint color of your walls while you’re choosing wall decor.

Style of wall decor

So as you should think about wall color, you should also think about the style of decorations you want to hang on the wall in relation to furniture. Inappropriate wall decorations can break the style of your room which is mostly created by furniture.  As an example, I can say that a large mirror shouldn’t be hung over a small sideboard.

Mirrors as wall decor

Mirrors in interior decor add a feeling of a larger room. A mirror brightens the space by reflecting the restricted light and additionally provides the illusion of the increased size of the area. Mirrors also dramatically change the overall look of the room so it’s necessary to choose the right style and size of the mirror.

If you’re searching for a new look for your space, change the placement of your wall decorations. This change gives your living room a brand new look without having to buy new wall decorations.

Check out our gallery of living rooms that have stylish wall decorations. Soak up the inspirations for your own place!

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