How To Choose Metal Garden Fencing For Your Beautiful Garden

How To Choose Metal Garden Fencing For Your Beautiful Garden

The purpose of a metal fence is to enclose an outdoor space and add to the security. Metal fencing is different from a wall boundary as it is constructed from posts and does not have a solid foundation. Those posts are connected with different elements like wire, rails, boards netting, and so on. Metal garden fencing is very popular as it is strong, secure and relatively maintenance free. Aluminium and wrought iron are the common types of metal used for fencing. Wood fencing gets dilapidated due to major variations in weather, which is not the case with high-quality metal fencing.

How To Choose Metal Garden Fencing For Your Beautiful Garden from garden category

In the earlier times, only the wealthiest could afford metal fencing. However, with the development of blacksmithing, varied styles were added with the introduction of ornamental iron. These days, metal fences can be used and afforded by most and are commonly used for fencing the garden. The landscape architects involved in the designing and maintenance of gardens pay particular attention to the fencing of the garden.

Why the Metal Garden Fencing?

Much effort goes in the building, landscaping, and maintenance of gardens. There are flowers, shrubs and other creepers growing with the garden. A metal fence around the garden makes it look complete as well as secure. The fencing can be decorative as well as functional to keep the plants, flowers or your garden furniture safe. Fencing is also essential to keep the intruders out as well as the children and pets safe. Each high-quality metal piece of fencing can be interlocked if you make such adjustments, and if the fencing has spiked feet then you do not have to dig soil and make separate arrangements for the fencing to stand properly. This keeps your garden landscape intact and nobody can mess with your garden.

How To Choose Metal Garden Fencing For Your Beautiful Garden from garden category

Different Materials, Shapes, and Styles of Metal Fences

Metal fences come in many shapes and can be square, rectangular, oval, etc. As they are strong, they deter break-ins. Aluminium or wrought iron metal garden fencing meets the specifications for strength and durability. However, iron metal is stronger than aluminium and more appropriate for high-security areas.

What Metal Fence for Your Garden?

There are different looks and styles available to flatter your garden and add to the view and safety from the curb. Most metal fences today are usually made of the following:

#1. Tubular Steel Metal Fence:

Tubular steel is made of sheets of steel that have been bent into hollow pickets, posts, and rails. Those panels are soldered together and then fastened into posts. Steel is storing enough to hold for 8-foot-long panels, but the steel can scratch and rust over time.

#2. Tubular Aluminium Metal Fence:

The preassembled panels or pieces are shaped like steel fencing. The advantages are that the metal fence is much lighter to handle and will never rust. However, one cannot hide the much noticeable fasteners that penetrate each picket. You can also customize the fencing by adding wire and creating meshes so that stray animals are kept away from the bushes, plants, and shrubs.

#3. Solid Steel Metal Fence:

Solid Steel pieces are machined and then fused together and alter the rails are attached to the posts with tabs, brackets or welds. They can feature tight curves, pointed tops, and rope-like twists. These fences are much stronger than tubular steel.

For some people is always better to go for a professional installer of the metal garden fencing and assemble the heavier solid steel or cast-iron fencing for the garden. Aluminium fencing requires virtually no maintenance while the steel or iron fence can get scratches that need to be repainted. You can now choose from decorative garden frames and wired patio frames to add an extra edge to your living space.

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