Handwoven Hammock by Yellow Leaf Hammocks – Double Size, Fits 1- 2 PPL, 400lb max – Weathersafe, Super Strong, Easy to…

    As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, this handwoven hammock sits up to 2 people (400 lb capacity), its ends can be hung from 9-11 feet apart, and it is compatible with a hammock stand that supports a 10-12 foot hammock. Comes with a compact transportable tote- perfect lightweight travel gear, camping gear or space-saving storage.
    Yellow Leaf Hammocks are each handwoven with up to 150,000 interwoven loops and 3.5 miles of yarn; each hammock is impeccably handcrafted with the #1 goal of blissful weightless comfort; our artisan hammocks are individually signed by the maker so you can directly connect to the positive impact of your hammock. Yellow Leaf empowers our craftswoman moms and their families to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.
    The best hammock is about comfort AND performance. Woven with ultra-soft performance yarn, Yellow Leaf Hammocks are weather safe, fade-proof, and super strong (built to expand for shareability with a high weight capacity). We want you to enjoy the beauty, quality, and durability of our hammocks indoors or outdoors for years to come. This is the hammock designed to support your best life: comfy, soft and snuggle-worthy backyard or bedroom decor.

    A SIGNATURE “insanely cozy” Yellow Leaf hammock- 100% hand-woven and technically engineered for extreme comfort, durability & strength. DRIFT INTO BLISS within the cozy confines of the Yellow Leaf Queen Hammock. Wile the day away or set the scene for a lingering twilight conversation with a pitcher of lemonade or a bottle of wine. It’s the perfect size for a ham mocker or two!
    100% hand-woven with over 3.5 miles of yarn
    Maximum Capacity: 400 lbs
    Optimal Hanging Distance: 9-12 ft
    Optimal Hanging Height: 4-6 ft
    Transportable tote – perfect for travel and storage!
    Material: Soft-spun acrylic performance yarn (weatherproof + UV-resistant)
    Each purchase contributes to high-wage artisan job creation in rural Thailand