WOWGANISER Drawer Organizer for Makeup Bathroom Organizer Vanity Storage, 12 Adjustable Dividers, Clear Plastic, Set of 4 Trays (2 Big and 2 Small) 13.8″ Length

    Wowganiser Drawer Organizer with 12 Clear Plastic Adjustable Dividers 20 Transparent Glue Dots Set of 4 Trays (2 Big and 2 Small) 13.8″ Length

    You need to get your drawer organized because a cluttered environment exhausts your brain, increases your stress and causes you to eat more.

    Have you ever become UNHAPPY after first sight of your open drawer? if this happens in the morning, say your kitchen drawer or drawer for makeups, it may ruin your day

    The BEST time to organize your drawer is yesterday, and second best is today. This drawer organizer set can help you to achieve a tidy and peaceful living environment in 5 easy steps. They are Evaluate, Sort, Purge, Organize and Maintain. We have this simple recipe printed on the package so that you can follow them and get job done.

    ⭐CREATE and DIVIDE space based on item size using the 12 adjustable dividers & 20 reusable transparent glue dots provided in this package.

    ⭐PUT in your drawer in parallel or horizontal based on your drawer size and need.

    ⭐ORGANIZE SPACE for makeups, stationery, cutlery, kitchen utensil and small cloths like underwear or socks.

    ⭐SAFE TO USE in any room of your home. Suitable for nursery and baby items. The dividers won’t be taken off easily. And it is not too small to be swallowed (not the glue dots)

    ⭐Empower you and your daily life start from drawer organization

    ⭐100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for our products. if you are not happy for any reason, we would like to help you get refund or replacement. Contact us through Amazon

    ⭐FEEL the POWER of being organized. A better life start from organize your drawer

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    Wowganiser – Live a Better Life

    🐨P.S.clean the surface and hands before apply the glue dots. Oil and dust will make it not sticky
    ✅IT IS EASY TO USE DRAWER ORGANIZERS from Wowganiser clear plastic desk drawer organizer tray set in 5 simple steps. They are Evaluate, Sort, Purge, Organize and Maintain. We have this recipe printed on packaging in more detail. No more clutter and stress when you open the makeup drawers. It will help you manage your drawer space fast and easy
    ✅MANAGE YOUR STORAGE SPACE SMART AND EFFICIENTLY by using the 12 adjustable dividers and 20 transparent glue dots. Organizing any drawers in your home or office with this desk drawer section organizer bins set. It can be used in small, narrow or shallow drawers. Set of 4 Trays (2 Big trays and 2 small trays). Big (L x W x H) about 13.8” x 4.7” x 2” and Small (L x W x H) – about 13.8” x 3.1” x 2″. It can be used as sock drawer organizer and underwear drawer organizers
    ✅EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED for a tidy and peaceful living environment in your home. It will save your time on looking for items in your drawer. It will help you get a better decluttered lifestyle and enjoy life more. Draw your drawer for a lipstick or makeup brush from Ikea Alex drawer and watch your makeups inside your drawer in the right place and easy to find and use. You will say wow to yourself every morning and start a day energized and finish the day in a good mood.
    ✅HANDY & VERSATILE to use in the kitchen drawer , makeup drawers, bathroom vanity drawer, office drawer, beauty drawer and medicine cabinet. This adjustable drawer organizer tray set is designed for the bathroom, kitchen, makeup closet, laundry, cosmetic and more. This drawer organizer bins set is made to hold various sized items, designed to help people organize their homes and lifes! Because when everything is in its place, your morning routines run smoothly and your day starts off better.
    🔥BUY IT NOW because you need it for a very satisfying finish of your job. It is not like acrylic container which can be easily get scratched by your kitchen utensils and cutlery, this plastic drawer organizer tray set is not picky for what it holds, it can take anything of your choice. Multi-buy discount also available, buy 4 sets get 5% off, buy 6 sets get 7% off, buy 10 sets get 10% off. Please check on Special Offers and Product Promotions below for more detail