vosov Alarm Clock for Smart Induction Endless Lighting Cartoon Electronic Digital Clock LED Night Light Wake up Clock Prompt Sleep.

    Lifetime warranty

    Input Voltage:DC5V 500MA
    Rated power:2.5w
    Battery Capacity:2000MA

    Package list:
    1x main unit
    1xpower cable
    There is a dream, what kind of lamp do we want, what kind of clock, can we combine into one.
    It is convenient for us to use at night, the lighting must be soft, the brightness can be adjusted at will, and it can be closed by sleeping. It is best to turn on the lights at night, so that you can get up and feed your baby. Sleep away from the phone.
    So we have smart recognition, automatically turn off the lights after 30 minutes of sleep, in the middle of the night, when you want to get up or give the baby, just touch or vibrate, it will automatically turn on the lights. The lights are steplessly adjusted.
    Fun alarm, you can set up a snooze function for up to 30 minutes, the alarm does not switch, directly call you to get up, the magical place is, when you stretch out, yawn, the alarm automatically turns off.