Tooge Travel Camping Hammock – Comfortable Hanging Nylon Mesh Rope Hammock Sleeping Hanging Bed for Hiking Camping Outdoor Travel Sports Beach Yard

    The Tooge nylon meshy rope hammock is suitable for many household and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, picnic, travelling, and holiday use.
    It is easy to use.
    You just fix the two hooks at the two heads of the bed to the other firm objects, then you can enjoy a baby-like cradle sleeping under the stars.
    What a beautiful scene! And you save the trouble of looking for hotels and high expenses. It’s a wise chioce for outdoor activities.

    Item Weight: 360g
    Length: From hook to hook 6’10”
    Weight capacity: More than 110kg/242 lb
    Accessaries: Come with two 7FT pre-tied nylon ropes to the hammock rings

    Question and Answers
    Q: How long is it from hook to hook?
    A: 6’10”

    Q: how much weight will this hammock support?
    A: The hammock Weight capacity: More than 110kg

    Q: How much does it weigh?
    A: 2 lb

    Q: Does this come with the straps to hang it?
    A: Yes. It had 2 pre-tied ropes. Also you can purchase Tooge hammock strape. That would be more durable.

    LOAD CAPACITY: 240lb , hammock bed length 107in , the rope length is 78in. Super comfortable for single
    For summer and autumn: spinning nylon ties, much space for the freely breathe, joys of the great outdoorsry anywhere
    Lightweight and portable the rope hammock is ideal for Camping, travelling, hiking and holiday use. suitable for Indoor and garden for lesuire time
    Size: 200 x 80cm & Weight: 390g. PLS strach as you can. Super comfortable for a single adult.
    Spring, summer, autumn three season camping hammock, suitable for camping, climbing, travelling, hiking, picnic, backyards, even indoor use