Sunnydaze Woodland Waterfall Solar Power Outdoor Fountain, 25 Inch Tall

    – Nature-inspired tree trunk solar with battery backup outdoor water fountain
    – Features durable polyresin construction
    – Includes fountain, solar panel, submersible water pump, and two 16′ cords
    – Requires sunlight to operate during the day and store power in the battery pack
    – Cover or store indoors before freezing weather occurs

    Those seeking a water fountain that pays homage to nature will love this fountain, which is designed to look like an ancient, knobby tree trunk and is ideal for many outdoor decor schemes. Blended streaks of brown, tan, gray, and beige gives this weather-resistant polyresin and fiberglass water feature organic coloring and woodsy appeal. When running, water fills the top basin; once full, it overflows in thin streams into the hollow center of the tree trunk, creating a “water wall” of sorts, and serene and pleasing rainfall sounds, before recirculating. This fountain operates via solar or battery power; in strong sunlight, the pump draws power from the panel while the battery pack collects a charge. If it becomes cloudy or dark, the battery pack engages and powers the unit up to 4 hours when fully charged. When the batteries are depleted, the system automatically draws power from the solar panel, and resumes running once exposed to adequate sunlight.
    Overall dimensions: 16 inches wide x 13 inches deep x 25 inches tall. Weighs 20.2 pounds. A perfect size to accent any space.
    Constructed of durable, lightweight, and easy-to-move polyresin and fiberglass. (Please note: It is always recommended that you bring this fountain indoors or completely empty, dry and cover it when the temperature is below freezing.)
    Includes LED lighting for the top of the “tree trunk”, solar panel, and pump with battery pack. Also comes with two 16-foot cords – one for connecting the LED lights to the panel, and the other for connecting the pump to the panel.
    Needs direct sunlight to run during the day while simultaneously storing energy in battery pack, which will power the unit for up to 4 hours. It takes approximately 1-2 sunny days to fully charge the battery. *Colors may vary slightly from on-screen images, as computer monitor settings and lighting variance can affect how items appear onscreen.*
    Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.