RZSAIDA Light Outdoor String Lights 48 ft Thick Bulb with Hanging Sockets Weatherproof Commercial Grade Bistro Backyard…

    ❄️ Safety Comes First: UL Certified adapter and cable for permanent indoor and outdoor installation, and designed to withstand the elements so you only have to set them up once.
    ❄️ Weather Resistant: Dust, sun, rain, wind and snow resistant, confidently leave on display through summer and winter all the year round.
    ❄️ Easy To Install: These lights are easy to install with a convenient loop on each socket for easy installation with eye hooks or zip ties.

    Create the Perfect Mood for Outdoor Gatherings
    Whether it’s a simple family dinner on the patio, a cozy evening spent with friends, or even the joy
    of an outdoor backyard wedding or other celebration.
    Nothing enhances the mood of warm evenings than the soft glow you can get from Royal Light’s
    premium string lighting fixture decoration strung around the porch, gazebo, pergola, or through
    the trees in your garden.

    It’s a perfect Christmas decoration and can be used indoors as well.

    There’s a reason we have confidence in our yard lights, only with Royal Light’s you’ll be able to:
    Cast everyone in the perfect light – bulbs won’t show blemishes on people or objects
    Safely illuminate – threaded cables are built to withstand the weather
    Control the brightness – can be plugged into a dimmer to set perfect lighting
    Master the art of exterior decorating – Special eBook included
    3 year warranty!
    ⚡⚡⚡ Get additional discount. Buy 4 and get %5 off, Buy 10 get off %10, Buy 15 get %15 off ⚡⚡⚡ 【TURN YOUR YARD INTO A MAGICAL RELAXATION SPOT】 Hanging strings of lights creates a calming mood, making good times even better and holidays more cheerful all year round. These outdoor lights are great around the patio, backyard, porch, deck, and looks beautiful indoors as well, providing soft, warm, amber, decorative light.
    【ROYAL LIGHT BULBS ARE MORE DURABLE】 Unlike other string lights that include thin glassed bulbs that shatter or break, Royal Light bulbs are more durable, made of thicker glass, which means they’re designed to last season after season giving you better value for your money. Our bulb lights are designed to send out smooth, even lighting that makes everyone appear smoother, cleaner and less spotty – perfect for taking group shots making everyone look their best!
    【WE BELIEVE THAT IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING, YOU SHOULD DO IT RIGHT!】 Enjoying a backyard BBQ, picnic, Christmas dinners with the family or just relaxing with friends is truly a favorite pastime, and it’s only fitting that the creative design of our elegant exterior retro party lights should be done right. We go out of our way to ensure that our deck lights are made of top quality materials that last longer than other yard lights, and give you years of dependable performance
    【SETUP A PERFECT LIGHT DISPLAY IN MOMENTS】 EASY, NO HASSLE INSTALLATION – Each socket of our patio lights is designed and reinforced to allow for simple installation. Hanging these seasonal outdoor string lights requires minimal tools. The Royal Light set comes standard with 48 ft, but you can easily chain together up to 8 string sets that will cover most normal sized backyards, patios or decks. These lamps are waterproof allowing them to withstand the rigors of outdoor use season after season
    【PERFECT YOUR OUTDOOR LIGHTING WITH OUR BONUS EBOOK】 + 3 YEAR WARRANTY! When it comes to setting up a string of outdoor lights, it can be a real challenge to find a solution that’s aesthetic and practical, that’s why Royal Light has included an eBook “How to Design Outdoor Lighting” to provide you with tips, tricks and styling advice to make the most of your outdoor string lights. We’re also including a 3 year warranty on our stringed lights, we believe in our product and we’re here to serve!