M.S.PREMIUM Metal Coat Rack and Shoe Organizer for Entryway – Hang Your Coats, Hats, Umbrellas, Bags, Boots and Shoes on This Heavy Duty, Durable Metal Coat Stand for a Tidy Hallway Always – Black

    Help Organize Your Active Life: People are always on the go, coming and going. Wouldn’t it help to have shoes and coats right there where you need them?
    Grab and Go Utility: Coats, keys, dog leashes, shoes, backpacks, hats, a scarf – keep all those and more hanging immediately to hand
    Steady, Heavy Duty Helper: Each hook holds up to 5.5 lbs. Go ahead, toss that heavy coat up, this sturdy steel rack won’t wobble!

    M.S. PREMIUM where getting organized is a pleasure
    At M.S. Premium we take organization seriously.
    Many homes and apartment units have really tiny entrances or a very small foyer with little to no storage. The problem with these areas is that all of the things you bring in and out of your home every day, several times a day, end up living right there in the entrance.
    It’s amazing how much stuff you can get into such a small space.
    We bring you an organizing system that looks great and offers amazing functionality.
    Even if you don’t struggle on a daily basis with a narrow entrance in your home, keeping this area organized is very important on the practical side. But also psychologically because clutter can have a very negative effect.

    Brings you everything you need to create the ultimate tidy hallway.
    * Hooks for coats and jackets.
    * Racks for boots, shoes and slippers.
    * A space to rest your umbrella.
    * Place a nice bowl on the top metal shelf and create a landing space for your car and house keys, wallet and billfold.

    At just 12 inches deep this coat rail is able to hold all your outdoor clothing and footwear.

    The rack comes in a flatpack with instructions and everything you need to put this together including a hex wrench. It’s very quick to do and easy too. Get the kids involved, they’ll have a lot of fun.

    Made of excellent and strong materials, this coat rack is made to last and will serve you and your family for many years.

    All we want is for you to enjoy this product to its fullest so in the event of any issues or problems whatsoever, simply contact us and our experienced and very nice customer support dept. will make everything right.
    EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR COATS AND SHOES – A strong, durable, rustproof, free standing rack with shelves to help you cope with overflowing coats, bags, shoes, umbrellas and the dog leash. Hallways are usually quite tight and yet they have to cope with an enormous amount of stuff. With 9 hooks, 3 tiers of shelves, and space to rest your umbrella, this coat tree will provide you with the space you need to get your mudroom organized.
    A TIDY ENTRANCE MAKES A GOOD IMPRESSION – Is there anything more embarrassing than having your home, business or restaurant guests walk through an untidy hallway? Get organized today with this beautiful, sculptural element and practical freestanding coat rack stand with 3-tier storage shelf and hooks from M.S.Premium.
    DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU MAXIMUM BENEFIT – Whether you’re living in a cold region where you need heavy coats or you just have lots of stuff to store – you need your clothes rack to have a wide base just like this one. With room on the bottom for the heavy stuff, this piece is very sturdy and will not topple over as can happen with other less well designed coat stands.
    EASY TO ASSEMBLE – FITS IN EVEN THE TIGHTEST SPACE – You don’t want to make tiny spaces even smaller. At a slim 12″ deep x 32 inches wide x 6ft 3″ tall, the rack comes disassembled with everything you need to put it together including the instructions. You’ll be up and ready to hang your jackets and coats in no time.
    A NO RISK PURCHASE – We know this is a great product so we have no problem giving you a LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE. If you have any problems or questions whatsoever, feel free to get in touch with us and we will rectify it.