Ieoyoubei Canvas Fabric Collapsible Cube Bin Set with Handles Storage Bin Organizer Basket Toy Organizer Hampers,Pet Toy Storing,(L M S) 3-Pack for Home Office Closet,Double Layer Fabric Brown/Beige

    Dimensions Large:15(L) x 10.5(W)x 9(H) inches ,
    Dimensions Medium: 14.75(L) x 10.25(W)x 5(H) inches,
    Dimensions small:10.25(L) x7.75(W)x 5(H) inches,1.3 lb.
    Scope of application: clothing, stationery, footwear, cosmetics, dirty clothes, debris, toiletries, magazines, underwear。

    Extra Large Clear Storage Bag for Clothing Storage, Under the Bed Storage, Garage Storage, Recycling Bags.

    Please note: Due to the folding packaging during transport, the product will have a certain crease, if you receive the goods, please wash directly with water, dry can be restored.

    Please note: 0PP bag packaging, just open will have creases, open brace creases will disappear. There is a little color difference between different batch colors. Manual measurement, there may be a small size of the error. Please be assured that if you are not satisfied with an unconditional refund.
    Uses: Products can be used for debris storage, clothing storage, multi-functional products. thick/large
    Handle for easy slide in and pull out of shelves or cabinet,Collapsible for easy storage if not in use.
    Children’s storage bags can be hung on the walls, Protects contents against moisture and dirt. Also suitable for waste sorting.
    Reusable shopping bags, grocery bags, storage bags, children’s toy bags and so on. Quilt, clothing toy bag organic cotton can be repeated production bags: these are Thick Three-piece Large Medium small, Linen bags can be used as a production page or bulk coffee, cereal or bean storage bags. Our bag is made only by the best cotton Into, do not use any harmful synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
    Multi-purpose and washable cotton bag: use the bag to yogurt, juice and nut milk. Spice the vanilla or spice into the broth. Store precious Chinese and silverware. Organize sheets. The possibilities are endless.