Bamboo Accents Water Fountain & Pump Kit – 12-inch Wide, Adjustable Branch Style Support, Split-Resistant Bamboo – DIY…

    CREATE A SERENE OASIS: Customize this adjustable height water fountain to create the look and sound you desire; Simple raise up to create a cascading and vibrant waterfall, or lower for a soothing placid flow indoors or outdoors (Bowl not included)
    CUSTOMIZE YOUR FENG SHUI LOOK: Turn a quiet place into a personal sanctuary by transforming your own pottery bowl, planter, basin or ceramic pot into a beautiful Zen Garden with smooth sounds of flowing water to soothe your senses
    ELECTRIC PUMP INCLUDED: USA-standard 110-Volt pump that’s strong and quiet; submerge directly in the water and hide with decorative flowers or rocks; for European standard 220- Volt pumps, please purchase Amazon ASIN: B073SBN4GZ

    From crashing sea waves and rippling pond waters to cathartic downpours and babbling brooks, flowing water soothes the nerves and relaxes the soul. Now, allow it to flow through the natural grooves and cavities of one of Nature’s smoothest materials – and the perfect source of your own personal Zen.
    Since 1998, Bamboo Accents has perfected the art of crafting bamboo fountains. We meticulously source our Tam Vong bamboo from Vietnam, where it’s grown without pesticides or fertilizers – just warm sun, nourishing water, and invigorating air. This gives it unmatched strength, flexibility, and durability.
    Each fountain you receive is a one-of-a-kind. From the Vietnamese farmer who grows the bamboo to the skilled artisans and carpenters who fashion each piece, each step in the process of making your fountain is done by hand. Then it’s tested to ensure your fountain is stable and provides years of soothing water flow.
    This affordable, adjustable fountain has enduring appeal. The graceful branch arms give the fountain a streamlined design for the perfect relaxing paradise. Control the flowing water to match your mood and shape the ambiance anywhere from a deck or balcony to a den or yoga room. Treat yourself or a loved one to this 100% natural bamboo Zen oasis and wash away those worries.
    BUILD AN ALLURING, SERENE OASIS: Create a deep, resonant flow that soothes the senses with the 12″-wide design of the adjustable support arms. Raise up for rich, vibrant sounds for your garden or patio. Lower for placid, soothing flow in an office or meditation room.
    CUSTOMIZE THIS DIY FOUNTAIN: Control the layout of your fountain by adding your own pottery bowl, basin, or planter. This fountain kit does not include a container, giving you to the freedom to tailor the look. Perfect outside for your garden shrubs and flowers or a sunny deck. Bring it inside and give your family room or solarium a restful serenity.
    ENJOY DULCET TONES IN MINUTES: The kit includes a submersible pump, tubing, and bamboo fountain that you can set up in as little as 5 minutes on the edge of a 10″ to 20″ diameter container. Designed for containers as shallow as 6″ deep, or use a deeper pot to add small goldfish or your favorite succulents.
    ENGINEERED FOR LONG LIFE: The included budget-friendly USA-standard 110-Volt pump is strong and quiet for its size. When maintained and cleaned regularly, it provides long-lasting tranquility. For European standard 220-Volt pumps, please purchase Amazon ASIN: B073SBN4GZ.