Alice LED Backlit Mirror Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Dimmable Anti-Fog Function and Touch Button (LED-32″x24″)

    -Height: 24In.
    -Thickness: 5mm
    -Light source: LED (+50,000 hours life span).
    -Color temperature: 6000K (white light).
    -Lumen: 1600LM/1800LM
    -110v AC – 200v AC power.
    -Power: 110V ac /60Hz to 12v DC.
    -Standard plug, can be hard wired.

    -Easily installation in 2 ways,horizontally/vertically
    -Light can be adjusted randomly for your needs
    -Touch button to turn on/off the lights
    -Can also be hard wired
    -Deforgger included
    -Mounting assembly included

    Package Contents:
    1 x LED lighted vanity mirror
    1 x Installation manual
    1 x Mounting hardware kit
    Anti-fog Function – defogging function will be automatically enabled when the LED light is turned on, so you don’t need to worry about your mirror surrounded by steam.
    Dimmable Light – touch the button for 3 seconds, then you can start adjusting the light to suit your needs. Brightness range is 0-1600LM/1800LM. When the light reaches the brightest or the darkest, the button will flash.
    Touch On/Off Button – you can turn on/off the light with just one light touch on the botton. Also our backlit mirror can also be hard wired so you can connect it to a switch
    Easy Installation in 2 Ways – designed for installation Horizontally/Vertically,with mounting assembly included, installation would be a breeze.
    Specifications – LED light source is approved for IP44,+50,000 hours life span;6000k white light.