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  • STNDRD. Bamboo End Table: Mid-Century Modern. Bedside Nightstand or Living Room Side Table (Set of 2)

    NATURE-FRIENDLY. The STNDRD. 3 legged bamboo side table is an environmentally friendly piece of furniture. Bamboo is one of the many renewable resources in the planet. It takes only 5 years to regrow a bamboo tree compared to other types of hardwood.
    RUSTIC FURNITURE. This 3 legged bamboo furniture is a versatile piece. It is built from bamboo wood strong enough to hold some indoor plants. The 3 light colored bamboo legs is manufactured without using any method to alter its natural rustic look.
    PROVIDES COMPETITIVE PRICING ON FURNITURES. Our bamboo table top furniture comes at a competitive price compared to other wood furniture sets. Bamboo is a low cost raw material so it owns a big price advantage over other kinds of furniture sets.