Vanilla Bean Candle – Medium Beige 10 Oz. Highly Scented Jar Candle – Made with Natural Oils – Bakery & Food Collection

    Drift away into the jungles of South America to search for the ever loved vanilla bean plant. Once you find it, the rich vanilla aroma may just capture you forever. Our Beautiful Vanilla Bean Jar Candles are a modern touch of elegance that will compliment any home decor, and are the perfect size for allowing a single wick to burn all the way to the edges and all the way to the bottom. All of our Bakery candles feature a clean burning, self trimming, natural fiber wick. Our classic container wax is composed of a super soft paraffin petrolatum blend, which allows us to add more fragrance to each candle than traditional candles. Our classic wax blend also features a low melting point making for a faster melt and better scent throw.
    Our Vanilla Bean candles are hand poured with a soft food grade paraffin wax blend for great scent throw.
    Made in the USA with natural and essential oils, and a clean burning natural fiber single wick (lead free).
    All of our Bakery & Food candles are highly scented and designed to burn all the way to the edge and bottom with a strong scent throw.
    The Modern look of our Prestige glass pillar jar candle will compliment any home decor.