Ingalex New Beautiful catatumbo hammocks Hand Made by Authentic Venezuelan artisans Unique Family Size Soft Touch Pieces


    Hammocks are a product that has invaded thousands of homes around the world, homes that have had the privilege of acquiring this work of art and have realized how fascinating it is to have them at home.

    Our Hammocks are unique and guaranteed pieces. Where the Craftsman takes care of every detail to give the best comfort to your life.

    In a hammock you can socialize, rest, get out of trouble when an improvised visit arrives, or simply enjoy a good movie.

    Our hammocks are machine washable and you can place them in a dryer.


    This type of hammock is so comfortable that you will forget time, we suggest accompanying it with a pillow to avoid having to get up again.


    an art to which time and heart is dedicated, only the best makes you dream.

    You can check our profile so that you know all our available models and colors.


    There could be a slight difference in the color tone of the exposed image, as well as in the size, since they are handmade.

    Our hammocks are woven on handmade looms with cotton threads, Soft to the touch that mold perfectly to your body, Our craftsmen take care of every detail and leave the soul making each piece unique.
    Hammocks made in Venezuela by authentic artisans, This hammock has long: 13.5 Ft approx, with a Width: 7 Ft Approx and a Weight capacity: 400 Lb.
    In this Hammock, two people can lie down comfortably. They can also be machine washed and placed in a dryer.
    When you are lying in these hammocks, the greatest ideas flow and you can achieve a successful work plan or life plan.
    because in Ingalex, we take care of the traditional and the artisanal culture