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    Package include:
    1 X Storm Glass
    1 X Wooden base
    1 X Elegant gift box
    1 X Operating Instruction
    Bottle Size:4.7″×2.4″ in
    Weight:/0.44 pound
    Material: Glass
    Water Shape: Drop shape
    In the 18th and 19th centuries invented it is generally considered to be England captain G.R obert FitzRoy, Darwin was historic voyage is his ship.
    Of course, he doesn’t seem to predict ahead of time.(this is how a bottle of magic!) The principle of “descendants of” Storm glass to do some research.Ph.
    D Anne Marie Helmenstine think storm bottle based on the influence of atmospheric temperature and pressure on the solubility of work, but she was not totally sure what ingredients cause of the change.There are other
    scientists retort that the bottle is sealed, unable to effectively perceive air pressure and temperature, and then doubt the effectiveness of storm bottle of weather forecasting.
    View, put forward by the new storm bottles of the surface of the outer wall and internal mixture interaction that allows the formation of crystals .
    Some view the current role of glass material itself and quantum tunneling through as to a certain extent will affect the storm bottles of rendering result.
    Less the number of papers on the above experiments, some argue that the forecast basically, caused by storm bottle temperature is the only factor that affect the growth of storm crystal bottle.
    Storm glass can not 100% be able to accurately predict the weather
    We will send you a new storm glass if the shipping process is broken
    Bottle Size:4.7″×2.4″ In Base:2.6″×2.6″×0.8″InWeight:0.44 pound(Bottle and Wooden base)
    Storm glass was invented in the 18th century as a household barometer, supported by admiral Fitzroy’s sound scientific principles. It provides a way for navigators to predict the weather before sailing. Weather is forecast to be sunny, cloudy, snow or thunderstorms.
    High quality materials: storm bottle changes will be more noticeable than other sellers
    Elegant gift box packaging; Unique and unusual gift for Birthday Present New Year’s Day Thanksgiving Christmas Day.
    Makes for a stunning decoration on any home and office table.