Kentucky Home Spade and Sprout: Tabletop Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Kit – Long Lasting Fiberglass Wicks with Brass Wick…

    BRING LIGHT TO YOUR PATIO TABLETOPS: Add a festive touch to your patio tables using durable Torch Kits. Tiki torches are the perfect summer or fall outdoor decor for your family’s festive evening celebrations.
    LONG-LASTING FIBERGLASS WICKS: Fiberglass wicks last longer than cotton and will provide you with a beautiful bright light throughout the occasion. For optimal results, allow the wicks to absorb the oil for 30 minutes before lighting.
    HIGH-QUALITY BRASS WICK HOLDERS: Brass helps distribute heat more evenly and is highly resistant to warping and deforming from heat. Our holders can fit any standard wine bottles with an inner diameter at the mouth of 0.75 inches or 18.5 mm. (For special bottles with a wide opening, try slipping the brass stopper through a 5/8″ washer and then placing that on the bottle.)

    A beautiful summer evening is made perfect with a set of wine bottle lamps on the patio table. With these simple wine bottle kit you can turn any beer bottle, wine bottle, bourbon bottle into a beautiful garden torch lamp. Simply fill your bottle with oil, set the wick and brass holder into the bottle, and light! Your new kits create easy ambience in a matter of seconds, and are a wonderful addition to your outdoor decor and a great conversation piece – just add your own bottle!

    Your new kit comes with a high quality, long lasting fiberglass wick. Simply fill with your bottle with oil, let the wick saturate for approximately 20 minutes for the first use, light and enjoy!

    **Fill with tiki torch fuel only. Bottle not included**

    Wine Bottle Torch Kit: Perfect for garden lighting, tiki bar, or outdoor lighting
    Wine Bottle Light Includes Wicks and Brass Wick Holders – Just add wine bottle!
    Beautiful Accent Garden Lights – Great alternative to garden decor solar lights, or solar path lights, DIY wine bottle light
    Can use any standard glass bottle: Whiskey Bottle, Bourbon Bottle, Wine Bottle, etc – just add your own!