Kenroy Home Quad Fountains, Small, Concrete

    SMALL TIERED FOUNTAIN: Simple and small but just as striking as a large, 3 tiered fountain, this quaint contemporary outdoor floor fountain is perfect for adding a small accent in your landscaping, garden, or yard. A bubbler sits at the top tier, and water flows into a small angular basin. The concrete gray finish adds classic charm that helps your plants and outdoor decor pop.
    DIMENSIONS: 31.5 Inch Height, 22 Inch Width, 22 Inch Ext
    THERMAL SENSITIVE PUMPS: Our dynamic thermal-sensitive pumps automatically shut off when the water level is too low to cool the pump, saving energy and preventing pump damage over time

    Incorporating a water feature into your lawn or garden doesn’t necessarily mean committing to a towering three-tiered fountain. A smaller option comes in the quad outdoor Floor fountain! at 32″ tall, this two-tiered fountain has a small footprint but delivers big on Mediterranean-inspired design. 4 runoff spouts on the top Tier let the water that bubbles up from the center bubbler trickle into the bottom Tier. Coming in a smooth Concrete Finish, the tiers on this fountain are made of soft curves & hard geometric shapes, pairing for a clean look. with a 360° design, this fountain could be placed anywhere in a garden. At an angle or standing perfectly centered in the middle of a flowerbed, this fountain will bring the relaxing sounds of water right into your outdoor space. Whether your garden is home to tropical plants like Hibiscus or features more classic camellia’s, the quad Floor fountain will help to center your garden. Featuring a square profile, this compact fountain will serve as a stunning water feature for your space & help bring a sense of tranquility to the garden.
    FILL LINE: Allows you to easily know when the water is running to low to keep the pump covered
    DIMENSIONS: 31 inch Height, 22 inch width, 22 inch Ext
    PUMP PERFORMANCE: Our pumps feature industry-leading motors and components, tuned for optimal performance
    INSTRUCTIONS: Our easy-to-read instructions provide clear and understandable step-by-step guidance for assembling your fountain