Kenroy Home 51017WDG Lincoln Fountains, 34 Inch Height, 12.25 Inch Width, 12.25 Inch Ext, Wood Grain Finish

    RUSTICALLY CONTEMPORARY: A contemporary geometric profile goes rustic with a realistic dark wood grain finish and bright, coppery accents. Watch the water flow from one rectangular basin to another, each filled with brown river stones that complement the hues of the rich wood grain finish. Perfect for any whimsical, natural modern or rustic lodge-style outdoor or indoor living space, this floor fountain delivers the atmospheric sound of falling water with organic charm.
    DIMENSIONS: 34-inch Height, 12-inch width, 12-inch Extension
    THERMAL SENSITIVE PUMPS: Our dynamic thermal-sensitive pumps automatically shut off when the water level is too low to cool the pump, saving energy and preventing pump damage over time

    A blend of rustic-modern style, The Lincoln indoor/outdoor floor fountain will bring a refreshing touch of sound right into your space. At 34″ Tall, this fountain sports 4 basins at varying heights. The entire fountain is comprised of a rectangular Tower with a stepped look. Water flows down from the top Basin, continuing down to the bottom through matching spigots at various points. The Wood Grain finish ties rustic coloring into the contemporary design. With sleek lines & rustic detailing, this fountain can fit right into a vintage-inspired indoor space. If placed in a copper-toned entryway, this fountain will bring pleasant sounds to your space as soon as you walk in the door. Otherwise, it would be perfect to be placed in a contemporary garden filled with blue Fescue grass & sunflowers. With a 360° view, there’s no bad side to this fountain. If placed at center stage or alongside an outdoor sitting area, The cool sounds of water will help to instill a tranquil setting in your outside space!
    SCRATCH-RESISTANT RESIN: wood grain finished resin matches the textured surface paint and helps to resist fading and potential chipping over time
    DIMENSIONS: 34-inch Height, 12-inch width, 12-inch Extension
    PUMP PERFORMANCE: Our pumps feature industry-leading motors and components, tuned for optimal performance
    INSTRUCTIONS: Our easy-to-read instructions provide clear and understandable step-by-step guidance for assembling your fountain
    PUMP ACCESS DOOR: Routine pump maintenance and water flow adjustments can be managed without disassembling or draining the fountain thanks to a removable pump access door