Kenroy Home Bubble Fountains, Medium, Moss Stone

    CONTEMPORARY ZEN: Contemporary curved forms pair with mossy green and gray stone earth tones to bring a sense of nature and zen to this ultra-chic fountain. Perfect for both eclectic bohemian gardens and sleek modern outdoor living rooms, this solar fountain’s earthy color palette and contemporary form is expertly suited for transitional, modern, geometric, eclectic, and natural modern outdoor living spaces.
    DIMENSIONS: 39.5 Inch Height, 13.5 Inch Width, 13.5 Inch Ext; 0.2 W LED Cluster Bulb included
    ECO-FRIENDLY SOLAR POWER: The industry-leading pump is powered by a high-quality solar panel that captures energy from the sun

    Standing at 40″ tall, the Bubble outdoor solar fountain delivers a stunning fountain right into your outdoor space. The pedestal of the fountain is a simplified, square hourglass shape that is in a soft green color. The top of the pedestal holds up a large bubble-orb that comes in a moss stone finish. Water bubbles up & over the orb from the center of an LED light ring, spilling into a shallow pool below. The large orb causes the water to ripple down the sides, adding a touch of texture & depth to the Bubble. With perfect views from all sides and a solar panel that allow easy placement away from electrical outlets, this fountain could be placed in a modern garden filled with lavender & Bay trees. Running water can bring a relaxing touch to any space & add a cozy ambience. Whether placed in a way to highlight the plants around it or to dominate the garden with its impressive presence, this fountain will bring a sleek touch to the space around it. It could even be placed near your outdoor seating area, whether you have a fire pit or just an eating space where you enjoy time with friends.
    DIMENSIONS: 40 Inch Height, 14 Inch Width, 14 Inch Depth
    LED LIGHT: Outfitted with an energy efficient and long-lasting LED light perfect for creating shimmering water effects
    SOLAR POWERED: Freely placed without dependence on electrical outlets
    INSTRUCTIONS: Our easy-to-read instructions provide clear and understandable step-by-step guidance for assembling your fountain


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