Donoucls Crystal Flower Vases Decorations 6″ for Home Wedding Christmas or Gift – Clear with Gift Box

    Hand-cut crystal vase for flowers, outline measurement is H 5.9″ x W 3.54″.
    Made of high purity optical non-lead K9 crystal to ensure top durability and safe cleaning.
    The crystal vase fits the kinds of flowers, or green plants you like, which makes your home bright and warm.

    This mini hand cut crystal flower bud vases are made by Donoucls to enhance the beauty of your home, party halls, wedding and office. It sparkles brilliantly with a single stem flower when used in any settings. Ideal and amazing gift idea with a gift box for all occasions and all ages.

    Optical Cut Glass Made with crystal glass, the lead content in it enhances the beauty of any setting the flower vase is placed. Sparkles and transmit light aroundthe flower when used in any occasion.

    Exceptional Design This mini crystal flower vase is hand cut and fashioned into a stunning shape. Clear and Perfect for any occasions, home or office desk decor with a single flower stem.

    Perfect Size Beautiful crystal flower vase is 6″ tall and can be easily moved from one position to another for an exquisite scenery.

    Cleaning You can hand wash the flower vase with warm water and a mild detergent and wipe of the water easily to sparkle more with it floral shape.

    Best Gift Idea The perfect gift for birthdays, newlyweds, anniversaries, homeowners, Christmas etc with a gift box.
    Handmade Cut Crystal Vase measurement: H 5.9″ x W 3.54″ .
    Made from highest purity optical non-lead K9 crystal to ensure top durability and easy, safe cleaning.
    Like what the spring do on tulips, take good care of your flowers,home and your lover.
    Crystal artwork in deluxe packing,Perfect gift on Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, on a wedding and so on.
    100% refund guarantee! To us, your satisfaction is top notch!