Clear Glass Flower Vase, Decorative Centerpiece for Home, Office, Event, Wedding (Style 5)

    Our stylish vases make a perfect gift for thanksgiving, christmas, housewarming parties and anniversaries. You can either use it for flower arrangements of roses, tulips, freesias, hyacinths, lillies, daffodils, peonies, dried flowers or fill up with pebbles, gems, candies in order to decorate any area.
    🏺 Contemporary Decor: The minimalist design and modern shape makes it an essential piece for decorating your home, office, indoor and outdoor events.
    🌺 Elegant Ambiance: These vases glamorize the atmosphere at weddings, upscale hotel lobies, convention centers, religious ceremonies, votive candle gardens, aromatherapy spa’s and all your parties
    💐 Versatile: The vases can be used for your favorite shells, mementos, potpourri, colored sands, single bloom, small flower arrangements, bouquets, glass beads, DIY craft projects, floating, floating candles or a decorative branch from the yard
    ✨ Made in Turkey: The glassware collection made in Turkey with excellent craftsmanship.
    📐 Dimensions: Height: 10 ¼” (260mm) Mouth Width: 3 ¼” (82mm)


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