CASAMOTION Vases Hand Blown Solid Color Home Decor Centerpieces Gift Art Ribbed Glass Vase, Blue, 12”

    CASAMOTION- Elegance in Your Room

    Global- As art glass leading brand, our glass vases and glass pendant lights are sold all over the world.

    Handmade- Our vases and lights are all hand blown glass which originally from Sweden.

    Design- Our designers are from Sweden and Danmark and have decades of experience.

    Adventages of hand blown glass

    Appearance- Have lots of shapes and looks natural.

    Craft- Every glass vase or glass light is made by artisan through dozens of steps.

    Value- High value and make your home unique.
    √ SIZE:12.2″ height, 4.9″ length and width, 3.1″ opening diameter.
    √ HANDMADE&MOUTHBLOWN: Each product is individually mouthblown and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. Slight variations may occur.
    √ SODA-LIME GLASS: All CASAMOTION handmade glass is produced from soda-lime glass-which is lead free, unlike crystal.
    √ BREAKAGE-PROOF PACKAGE: We guarantee FREE replacement for any damaged product.
    √ USES: Ideal gift for Mother’s Day, wedding, move to new house, designed for flower arrangement, room decoration.