Tips On Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Tips On Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

A new home with polished concrete floors gives a classy look. Sometime, people who need to be royal will always need the concrete both inside and outside the house or workplace. The only they think about using them is its, benefits. Yes, these polished floors are very durable, easy to clean and to adverse they are stained resistant. But even then, you can feel the dirt over it. Since this concrete is tough and porous, they will soak up easily in harbor mildew.

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Ways To Clean The Floors Especially When You Have A Huge Number Of Footfalls

The below are some of the simple ways that one could clean the strains in outdoor and indoor polished concrete floors.

  • Power Washer – The method that comes under budget and also the easiest way for cleaning id power washer. It is nothing but using a detergent. All you need to do is spray the detergent mixer into the surface you need to clean. Use a small brush to scrub on the concrete. Avoid using a brush with a metallic bristle.
  • Using of Chemicals – For cleaning the outdoor, you can use chemicals like ammonia or bleach. But do not try to mix both the chemicals. If you find more strong or natural strains, mix flour and hydrogen peroxide in butter consistency. Set them overnight on strains and clean in the morning using the scraping tool. However, when you use chemicals, you should see that they should be perfectly suited to clean polished concrete floors and they should not corrode or damage the floor surface and grits.
  • Water Added Mixture – When Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) mix with water and apply to the strain area of polished concrete floors, you can clean using the hose.
  • Muriatic Acid – Though this comes under the chemical category, it is toughest and toxic material to clean the floors strains like rust or dried grout. Be careful to use eyewear and gloves.


You Should Be Cautious While Choosing The Cleaning Agents For Your Polished Concrete Floors:

When you are using the materials or chemicals it is better to use them with more precautions. After using those chemicals, try to clean the polished concrete floors using mop and water. Then only, you can avoid using the materials or acid allergy. Apart from these there some good cleaners like castile soap, detergent, liquid dish, stone cleaners, or some mild floor cleaners.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Concrete Floors?

Without wonder, if you utter the word concrete, it simply means the strength and hardness. It is not that simple to scratch or dent polished concrete floors.

  • Easy Budget – Usually, the concrete floors are durable and also very easy to take care. The concrete floors often contain shrug off dirt, grit stains, spills and have hard impacts. That if you are using polished concrete floors outside, then there comes the major problem. For that take a chill pill and just taking up sweeping or mopping, you can get your floors back.
  • Design Patterns – Luxury is the one where you can get the floors using simple new patterns. Treatments like acid strains, paint for concrete stains, and beautiful pattern turns into the best match.
  • Floor Heating – On the construction of new concrete pound, it is important to take care of heat radiant or electrical cables or hot water. As a result, you can firmly concrete floors.

Tips On Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors -  - diy - Polished Concrete Floors -

Finally, when it comes to disadvantages, the concrete ought to get hardness, heavy moisture content, cracking in the floor. When you have these floors, they can withstand spills and regular damage. However, you should make sure that the polished concrete is maintained in a period of every six months to retain the glaze.


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