Bring a Quirky Character to Your Child’s Bedroom With Crystal Chandeliers

Bring a Quirky Character to Your Child’s Bedroom With Crystal Chandeliers

The parents are usually confused about hanging a chandelier in their child’s bedroom and they think that it won’t be a smart decision. But, the truth is, you should never give second thought for hanging a chandelier in your kid’s room. There are some considerations, like don’t go very distinctive with a chandelier for your kid’s room, just use something simple but elegant. Do take care that you are not being too bold with the style or using black and grey colours, as they reflect only style but no liveliness and youth.

Bring a Quirky Character to Your Child’s Bedroom With Crystal Chandeliers from home-decor category

The chandelier in your kid’s room should be such that it matches with the decor of the home and still look active. You can also ask your kids what they would like if they are old enough. Children are creative and thus, they can advice you something that suits them appropriately. Here are a few more tips that can help you in choosing chandelier for kid’s room.

Keep it practical: Some practicalities are there which you have to consider while selecting the best chandelier. First of all, you need to pay attention to the height of the ceiling and as it’s a kid’s room, the height won’t be perfect for a grand chandelier. For regular ceiling, any style would work and you can hang anything you want from chandelier to pendant. Do consider the placement of the chandelier, as the room with a high ceiling needs a chandelier somewhere in the middle. You need to pick a chandelier that can radiate your entire room while being at a good distance from the ceiling.

When the height of the ceiling is low, then you can hang the chandelier in a corner where the traffic is less. Like, you can hang it over the bed or above any piece of furniture such as study table, desk or the reading chair.

Bring a Quirky Character to Your Child’s Bedroom With Crystal Chandeliers from home-decor category

The hanging length of the light is a crucial thing and for any standard ceiling a pendant light with the maximum length of 50cm. If you want to be a little more stylish, then you can hang multiple pendant lights together. For the chandeliers the length should be about 60cm.

In order to decide the length of the chandelier, you can take the measurements of the space. You must allow the height of 2.1 meter for the areas where the traffic is through. If there is no through traffic in the area, like over the bed or next to any chair, then the chandelier must be hanged high in order to save people from being hit by the light. Also, height also prevents any interruption in the line of sight while standing, lying or sitting.

Apart from this, the natural lighting in your kid’s room is also necessary and you should pay attention to this. Find out from where the light is coming and then finalise the position of the chandelier. Just imagine if the chandelier is blocking the sunlight from the window, then it would act as a blockage and the room will get dark, as the lighting from the window and the lighting article will cancel out each other. Never prevent the windows from bringing in some natural light and prefer hanging a lighting article in the dark spaces of the room.

Selecting the right type of light: Now, you know where you need to place your chandelier, the next step is choosing the right chandelier. This completely depends on your preferences and the type of home decor you have in your home. A pendant light could suit any of your room, but with chandelier you need to be a little stricter and have to choose the design ad pattern which looks perfect in your kid’s room.

If your room demands bold colours and modern lines, then a metal pendant light will be a good option. You can even get a pendant with black and white pattern or something in black and copper, this will provide a smooth facade to the teen bedroom.

In case your room needs something related to a rainforest or coastal style, then you can get a chandelier that has wooden texture.

If you want something shabby and chic, then both the lighting articles pendant and the chandeliers could provide you that. With white and blues, you can use a handcrafted chandelier that proffers a distressed look, when hung high from the ceiling.

In case you want a traditional style in your room, then chandelier is always the best and the only option for this.

Work together: Now, this is the most essential thing, as you have to work with your child in order to find the lighting that suits best to his/her room. Like if your daughter wants something with pink, then get a chandelier or pendant with pink lights.

So, I hope that now you know how to update your child’s room with an amazing lighting article!

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